What Is a Multi-Site Cloud Network?

A Multi-Site Cloud Network is a Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) is a transformational approach to simplify branch office networking and assure optimal application performance.

Unlike traditional WAN’s, SD-WAN delivers increased network agility and cost reduction. Software-Defined WAN has its roots in Software-Defined Networking (SDN), the underlying principle of which is to abstract the network hardware and transport characteristics from the applications that use the network.

Give your business the flexibility of increasing your internet bandwidth and adding additional infrastructure for instant failover. Why compromise your business productivity when it is so affordable now. Contact us today on 1800 825 683, on email at info@vcauhosting.com or LiveChat to get an answer instantly.

How Does an SD-WAN Work?

An SD-WAN enables cloud-first enterprises to deliver a superior application
quality of experience (QoEX) for users.


Utilise the agility of bonded internet services so you don’t loose connection to the internet.


Staying online is the key to remaining efficient and not lose any sort of productivity.


Plug anything into our SD WAN, ADSL, NBN, Ethernet Fibre, MPLS, 4/5G or even Satalite Internet.


We can have a site up and running in minutes with wireless, Satalite and 4/5G internet services.


Allowing us to control all internet services, their speeds and the way they are connected and bonded.


Proactive monitoring allows us to see when a service is unstable, or to help us monitor your SD WAN.

Multi-site network


Take Control of your own Private Network


By creating one single network across multiple locations, a vCloud Multi-Site network can give you the ability to share resources (servers, printers, cctv, files, databases, etc) across multiple locations. You do not need to be a multiple location, big network business to receive the benefits of SD-WAN.

No Reliance on
Internet Providers

By connecting to an Enterprise-Grade network, you remove the reliance away from your internet provider. By connecting multiple internet service providers behind a cloud managed IP address you no longer need to worry about port forwarding or modifying individual IPs for network services.

Real time Notifications

Worried about downtime? With real time SMS and email notifications available as an additional upgrade with your Multi-Site Network, vCloud Group is instantly notified of any outages, disconnections and reconnections of your internet services when connected behind a vCloud Bonder.

Built on a Software
Defined network

A Software Defined platform enables vCloud Group to program the behaviour of the network to suit your business’ requirements. On top of this it gives us the ability to rapidly make changes without needing to go onsite to your premises. This gives us access to the backend of your network to make necessary changes 24/7.

Near Instant Failover

An SD-WAN Bonder not only provides the ability to connect multiple internet services together, it also has the capability to allow you to have another for instant failover. So when your main internet service has an outage, the failover service kicks in within 300ms. Meaning, you may not even know it has happened!

Rapidly Deploy
In Minutes

Don’t have an internet services currently connected? No problems! With a 4/5G service, vCloud Group can deploy a multi-site network within minutes across multiple locations and bring your business’ private network online for you to use, until your internet services are provisioned.

Instant Cost

One of the real benefits to SD WAN is the cost savings your business can achieve. Instead of using high end expensive solutions like MPLS, dedicated VPNs (virtual private network) and IP connect networks, SD WAN saves you in equipment, interconnect costs and removes internet service provider reliance.

New Age
Private Network

SD-WAN removes the requirements of VPNs, and the old style networking. It provides agility to your business by being able to scale performance on the fly. Multi-site network will improve your networks performance and security, lower costs and improve business agility, all managed within the Cloud.

Advantages of a Multi-Site Cloud Network Solution

Multi-Site Network solutions provides a way to create a network defined in software and decoupling network
software services from the underlying hardware.

Efficient and Self Managed

Provision your network across multiple sites in a matter of minutes.

With our own hardware platform, developed specifically for our cloud platform we can make the switch to SD WAN technology for your business easy with our fast and efficient installation. Once you receive the aggregators and associated hardware, you then just follow the simple steps and connect the coloured cables and stickers up and be on your way in minutes.


Delivering True Failover

With a 300 millisecond failover, you have the peace of mind of bridging the gap between 99.9 and 100 % uptime.

Knowing that if your main internet service loses connection, you can failover to any other connection – ADSL, NBN, fibre, wireless, satellite, even 4/5G! True failover means you will not know when your main internet service is down. Within milliseconds, your bonder switches over to your failover internet service, allowing you to continue working as nothing has changed. This way we keep your business’ connectivity and productivity at the forefront of your business.

Optimised For Cloud Platforms

There is no better way to manage the backend infrastructure than with a true cloud platform.

Using the power of SDN (software defined networking) vCloud Group can build you an enterprise-grade SD-WAN (software defined – wide area network) network infrastructure. This can be optimised and managed within the cloud. As well as this, software defined networking provides the SD-WAN with rapid management and removes your complex hardware layer, from your business, with the ability to fast deploy software to manage your network.


Save On Monthly Costs

Why use yesterday’s technology, when you can use technology that’s been defined by software.

There is no need for expensive business grade internet services like MPLS, VPN and IPconnect networks that are provided by your Internet Provider. Let’s create our own enterprise-grade networking solution for a fraction of the cost for yesterday’s technology. With vCloud’s Multi-Site Network, and SD-WAN technology, your business will have enterprise-grade networking, saving you up to 50% each month from yesterday’s technology.


A Cloud Network

with no Geographical Boundaries

Download our Multi-Site-Cloud Network Information Booklet.

Today's Challenges To Connect Multiple Sites

Connecting multiple office/branches/sites at a cost effective price point is harder than it looks. The cloud has given us the ability to create an agile infrastructure platform.

multi-site network

Expensive Bandwidth ... Gone

Why spend the money on expensive internet services when with a vCloud Hosting Aggregator/bonder, we can just use multiple cheaper services to make a better internet connection, and included a 4G failover support.

Branch Complexity ... Gone

In the old days, there was VPN. VPN connectivity was the only way to connect networks in multiple locations together. It required expensive routers, links and lots of management. Remove all that with a cloud based multi-site network solution.

Lightweight Architecture

Cloud is here to stay, we all know that, so it’s time to remove the fixed hardware layer and make the connectivity between offices/branches/site more agile and cloud based.


Deploy A vCloud Hosting Multi Site Network Within Minutes!

It’s simple really, give us your gateway IP address, subnet, DNS settings and let the cloud do the rest. We will send you out a vCloud Hosting Aggregator and all you need to do is follow the way the coloured cables are to be connected and you’re ready to aggregate and configure your failover router.

Let us help you slash hundreds, if not thousands in internet costs, while making your connection faster and more stable.

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