Complete Security Solutions

I would like to thank the team at vCloud Australia for putting my company at my fingertips. vCloud put my total network in the cloud, allowing me to have access to my network anywhere in the world from my tablet, my laptop and even my mobile phone. I can now bring up documents or diagrams and show […]

The Metric Men

Thank you for all the hard work you have put into vCloud and insuring my data is backed up properly.  I can now sleep at night knowing I will never have the problems I had in the past with IT issues. It’s been about 6 months now and I have not had to stay at work […]

Katz Silver Lawyers

We have been using vCloud’s off-site replication service for 6 months now. We had been backing it up locally but wanted some sort of off-site backup we could rely on. With vCloud’s off-site replication, our entire LEAP database, MYOB data, all our emails, Word and Excel data, are backed up continuously. Our backup and the […]

Joseph De Marco (Principal) – De Marco Lawyers

‘Fantastic Solution to our Security and Productivity Needs’ We have been using the cloud network system through vCloud Australia now for 15 months. Prior to moving to the cloud using vCloud Australia we had been experiencing IT issues, which was proving costly from a hardware and service perspective and with these issues came lack of […]

Aberdeen Lawyers

‘Migrating to vCloud’s Cloud Network Platform’ We have been with vCloud Australia using their cloud network platform now for 6 months. Before moving to the cloud we were using an in house server with desktop computers. 8 months ago we moved office and our internet service had been degraded because of the distance we were […]

Yarra Accounting Group

‘The creation of the first virtual accountancy firm’ Yarra Accounting Group have been with vCloud for over 2 years. In that time we have embraced the true power of cloud computing and created a paperless, cloud accountancy firm. This was made easier by the fact that, As our business is mainly corporate accounting and financial […]

Mackinnon Jacobs Lawyers

We have been using vCloud Australia as our end-to-end network solution provider for just over 6 years. The staff at vCloud work very closely with our practice manager to assist with all systems and processes. Our firm decided to undertake a major computer, accounting and document management system upgrade in 2010 and consulted vCloud for the […]

A Good Support Organisation

“A Total Cloud Solution” We are a not for profit organisation, that is the leading host in the nations work for the dole campaign. Early 2015 we approached vCloud with a requirement to build us a traditional in-house network that would allow us to scale our business requirement’s as we grew. At that stage we […]