‘Migrating to vCloud’s Cloud Network Platform’

We have been with vCloud Australia using their cloud network platform now for 6 months. Before moving to the cloud we were using an in house server with desktop computers. 8 months ago we moved office and our internet service had been degraded because of the distance we were from the telephone exchange. We were advised that any sort of internet service was going to cost in the thousands because of the distance.

We had a discussion with the Trevor and Tony from vCloud Australia and decided that we would trial their cloud network platform as it allow us to move everything from our office (servers, workstations and network connectivity) all into the cloud. We found even with our degraded internet service, using cloud services our network was struggling.

The boys from vCloud came out and ran some tests and found, we were very limited and the only internet service that could be sufficient was a mobile broadband service over the 4G network.

After a few weeks of testing and checking the internet connection, what vCloud proposed was sufficient, we migrated our network to vCloud’s cloud network platform and haven’t looked back since.

We now have true productivity as myself and my staff aren’t limited at working from behind their desks, no more nights staying back at the office for finish off paperwork because of a trial we are working on. When I go interstate to work with clients I take my laptop and connect over my mobile phone and it’s just like sitting at my desk in my office.

vCloud have really taken what we all know as remote access and gave me direct access to my office and corporate network no matter where I am.

Thank you vCloud.