“A Total Cloud Solution”

We are a not for profit organisation, that is the leading host in the nations work for the dole campaign.

Early 2015 we approached vCloud with a requirement to build us a traditional in-house network that would allow us to scale our business requirement’s as we grew. At that stage we were already getting interstate interest and we had only just started our first site.

The team at vCloud advised that a traditional network would not be the recommended solution as it would be costly and difficult to maintain without internal IT staff and or expensive external managed services.

vCloud’s solution was to deploy a fully hosted cloud based solution, which allowed us to deploy new sites without the cost of high speed links and any on premise server equipment.

Trevor and Tony said the only way to scale my organisation is to fully utilise cloud technology. Cloud desktops/zero clients and a cloud based phone system.

We liked the idea, as it gave my organisation and my administration staff the ability to understand cloud technology and also the ability to work from anywhere at any time on any device.

We are now currently running across three sites with over 100 virtual desktops, my administration and supervisor staff can travel between sites and connect seamlessly to our network in the cloud. It has made my organisation run so much smoother knowing everyone has access to all network resources no matter where they are.

vCloud’s tech support team and communication are the best I have dealt with, enabling us to continually be ahead of the game with our reports and daily functions.

vCloud’s cloud network platform is one of quality and have no hesitation in promoting it across all means. They are a company that prides themselves on being at the cutting edge of cloud computing in a daily changing industry providing alternatives to all clients so their businesses and organisations are continuously streamlined at the best capability.

Adrian Sortino
A Good Support Organisation

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