‘Fantastic Solution to our Security and Productivity Needs’

We have been using the cloud network system through vCloud Australia now for 15 months. Prior to moving to the cloud using vCloud Australia we had been experiencing IT issues, which was proving costly from a hardware and service perspective and with these issues came lack of productivity. Since the switch over from a standard server set up for our network to a cloud set up for our network our IT budgeting has improved and our team’s experience and productivity has been enhanced dramatically. Due to the nature of our business, data security and backup is a significant issue for us. It is reassuring to know that the security levels provided by the cloud via vCloud Australia are higher than our previous set up and that our information and data is always safe.

If ever there are any problems we have always found the vCloud Australia team to be helpful, knowledgeable and prompt in resolving any issues with very little impact and imposition on the business particularly since most issues if not all can be resolved by the vCloud Australia team offsite and remotely. In fact we have found that any issues have always been solved quickly and in a manner that has the least impact on our working day.

Moving to the cloud has enabled greater productivity, greater mobility, with greater access to our system such that staff can access the company network and company resources at any time, on any day and from any place and any internet connection without any difference in what is accessible and without any difference in performance. The cloud has made it possible for all three of our offices to have direct access to our company’s network through the cloud. Now we no longer have to rely on in-house servers, back up storage devices or network maintenance, it is all provided in the background through the cloud by vCloud Australia. Even more benefits have been that we are now saving power and space at our main office by moving all servers offsite and no longer requiring servers, UPS’s and backup storage devices onsite.

Overall an excellent service, a fantastic solution to our security and productivity needs, easy to use and extremely flexible and the team at vCloud Australia are friendly, exceptionally helpful and professional. The move to the cloud has been a worthwhile venture for our business. We would strongly recommend the cloud to anyone with concerns as to productivity and safety and we would strongly recommend the cloud network via vCloud Australia for their exceptional network solution and cloud computing support.